Einir and Teilo’s Wedding

I had the honour of photographing Einir & Teilo’s wedding at Pentre Ifan, near Newport, Pembrokeshire – a beautiful wedding set in the dramatic August rains, with the rolling preseli hills and sea as its backdrop. An early start from Cardiff and driving down miles of single track road to reach Puncheston and meet Einir where she was having her hair done, and the lovely Nicola was busy doing makeup. Then a mad dash (and even madder sat-nav which seem to prefer single track lanes) to the wedding venue at Pentre Ifan Urdd Centre, and to meet Teilo.

Following a touching civil service, and some group photos, Einir and Teilo decided to brave the elements and head for Newport beach, where Einir’s backup wellies proved very useful! Before we headed back to their wedding reception and speeches at the marquee next to their wedding service venue. My hats off to Teilo for his very moving and loving speech, and to Rhys for his poem recitials.

As the night drew in, Einir and Teilo were kind enough to indulge in some ‘light painting’ with some sparklers and some long exposure photos. Following, I bade this fantastic couple a good night and best wishes for their honeymoon, before I disappeared into Pembrokeshire’s maze of single track roads, once again putting my misplaced trust in my Sat nav.